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Published Date: 02.16.2022

Choosing a doctor to handle our baby’s health care is one of the many things parents must do for preparing for their birth. As young mothers, we’re constantly torn between seeing a pediatrician or a family doctor for our child’s health requirements. However, it is critical to think about hiring a doctor because these specialists are focused solely on our baby’s health. Our doctor will arrange treatment with other health care experts if our child ever needs more specialized care. They will assist us in comprehending difficult material and making appropriate selections.

What Is the Role of a Pediatrician in Our Childs’ Healthcare?

A pediatrician is educated to identify and treat a wide range of disorders in children, from mild ailments to life-threatening diseases. They are responsible for the physical, behavioral, and mental health of children from birth until the age of eighteen. Defining an upper age limit for pediatric treatment, however, is difficult, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Academy advises against putting an age restriction on pediatric treatment because it is dependent on a patient’s overall requirements.

From birth until age 2, the pediatrician will see our kid many times, and then yearly from age 2 to age 5, for “well-child visits.” After the age of five, our child’s pediatrician will most likely visit him or her once a year for yearly checks. When our kid is unwell, the pediatrician is the first person we should contact.

Pediatricians of Various Sectors

Pediatricians are a vital component of every child’s life since they give the necessary medical treatment for healthy growth. A lot of pediatricians work as primary care doctors. This sort of pediatrician does routine health and wellness examinations. Pediatricians are divided into several categories, each of which is trained in a specific discipline of pediatrics. Some of the main sectors are explained below.

Critical care pediatricians

Pediatric critical care doctors work with children from infancy through adolescence. They have chosen to focus their medical practice on caring for seriously ill children. Their extensive training and expertise allow them to provide the specialized medical care that children in PICUs require.

Developmental behavioral pediatricians

Pediatricians that specialize in developmental-behavioral pediatrics work with children who have learning and behavioral problems. These experts can assist in the diagnosis of a variety of disorders, including ADHD. Our pediatrician may be able to provide us with a referral.

Child abuse pediatricians

Abuse of children Pediatricians are in charge of diagnosing and treating newborns, children, and adolescents who are suspected of being victims of child abuse in any form. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, false sickness, neglect, and psychological/emotional abuse are all examples of this.

Pediatric cardiologists

Pediatric Cardiologists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating children’s heart disorders. They collaborate with pediatric cardiologists to find the best therapies and procedures for children who may require cardiac surgery. If a child has chest discomfort, dizziness, or collapsing, he or she should consult a pediatric cardiologist to rule out cardiac problems.

Pediatric neurologists

Pediatric neurologists are doctors who specialize in treating and managing neurological problems in children. Neurological problems that start in childhood can last well into adulthood. From diagnosis till adolescence, pediatric neurologists are in charge of their patients’ treatment.

How Do You Choose a Pediatrician?

Choosing a physician is one of the most essential and challenging decisions we’ll make about our child’s health. Because we’ll be seeing our doctor for a long time, choosing the correct one is crucial.

The location of the office

We have to consider the location of the doctor’s office when we limit our options for a pediatrician. During the first year of life, babies visit their pediatrician several times, usually every 2 to 3 months. It might be more convenient and time-saving to choose a doctor who is close to our house, job, or childcare. If we don’t own a car, we should look for a doctor whose offices are conveniently accessible by public transit.

First checkup

Ask each physician whether they will perform our baby’s initial checkup at the hospital when we communicate with them. Some physicians will come to see our baby soon after birth, but only if they are linked with the hospital where we are being treated. If not, our baby will have his or her initial checkup from a hospital-affiliated doctor, followed by a follow-up checkup at the pediatrician’s office around 5 days following birth.

Recommendation from friends and family

We could also ask relatives and close friends for doctor suggestions. We could have a lot of similarities if they have a good relationship with their child’s physician.

Qualifications and experience of the doctor

Pediatricians must all attend medical school, a residency program, and get state licensure. However, not every pediatrician is board qualified. Board certification in pediatrics is a voluntary procedure that necessitates further training. Doctors must pass an examination to get certified by The American Board of Pediatrics after completing the program.

When should we take our child to see a pediatrician?

Parents or caregivers can take their children to the physician for well-child checkups on a regular basis. Adults have the chance to ask any questions they may have about their child’s health at well-child appointments. If necessary, pediatricians may provide immunizations during these appointments. There are situations when we must take our child to see a pediatrician.

During their first year, parents should take their infant to the physician for a well-child visit seven times. A pediatrician should see children between the ages of one and two years once every three to six months. If a kid develops a temperature of 104°F (40°C) or higher, or if the fever is followed by seizures, disorientation, frequent weeping, or difficulties breathing, they should go to the emergency department. If a baby under the age of two months develops a rectal fever of 100.4°F (38°C), call 911. Anyone who believes their child is experiencing a medical emergency should take them to the nearest emergency facility.

What to anticipate from our child’s pediatrician?

From birth until the age of 18, a pediatrician can look after our child’s health. Our kids will have frequent wellness checkups throughout this time to assess their physical and mental development. The nature of our child’s checkups will change as they grow older, but they’ll receive their first checkup within 5 days of birth. The doctor may arrange a one-month visit after the initial checkup. After that, they’ll see the kid every two months until they’re six months old.

We’ll see a pediatrician every three months until the infant is 18 months old, then every six months until he or she is 30 months old after that. Following that, the physician will arrange yearly wellness exams with us.

Finding the best Pediatrician for Our Child

Beginning our search for a pediatrician at the start of the third trimester is an excellent idea. We need to Give ourselves self-plenty of time to choose someone with whom we and our partner are both comfortable.

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