To cream or not to cream your Newborns Skin

Published Date: 07.05.2024

To cream or not to cream your Newborn Baby’s Dry Skin?

Newborn baby skin tends to dry out in those first few days and most parents will comment on how there may be some drying, peeling, and some cracks forming on the skin. I recommend not using anything on the skin unless there are cracks forming. You may use a non-perfumed moisturizer like Aveeno on the skin if it gets very dry and cracks. Mostly leaving the skin alone is best as often using products on the skin can result in reactions (rashes). I do however recommend using a barrier cream over the bottom after each diaper change. If there is no rash use a clear Vaseline or Aquaphor because it forms a protective barrier between the skin and any poop or pee your child does. In young babies, they tend to poop with every feed so the skin can sometimes get irritated with all the cleaning. A nice barrier prevents the skin from getting irritated. If there seems to be a rash developing, then a Zinc Oxide-based barrier cream should be used with each diaper change as it acts as both a barrier and also helps the skin to heal. Remember to apply the barrier cream generously so you are not able to see any of the skin and clean it off completely at each diaper change. Usually, a rash caused by contact will go away after a few days of using a barrier cream with zinc oxide but if it persists, or changes in appearance and your baby seems uncomfortable reach out to your pediatrician. At our practice families usually text me directly with questions and a picture if things don’t seem to be improving.

How often should I bathe my baby?

You can sponge bathe your baby until the belly cord falls off and then you do a proper bath. You can bathe as much or as little as you would like to. On average people bathe babies 3-4 times a week. I used to bathe my children once a day to make sure their neck folds and armpits were cleaned well. If you choose not to bathe daily just remember to clean in any body folds as often milk or drool can fall into the folds, and this can result in rashes forming if not cleaned right away.

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