Travel Tips for Families with Children

Published Date: 06.14.2024

Travel Tips for Families with Children:


How to make that plane ride FUN!

Most parents worry about possible ear pain from the pressure changes when the plane takes off and lands. We as adults experience that sensation as well and for a child it can be very uncomfortable. The best thing to do is to encourage your child to feed on something during take-off and landing as the sucking and chewing action helps keep the ear pressure more stable and prevents the pressure change from causing pain in the ear. When my children were babies, I would just feed them breast milk or formula and as they grew older, I always had snacks on hand like cookies for them to munch on. My adolescents often keep chewable candy or gum to help prevent ear pain. I also recommend families to have pain medications on hand like Tylenol or Motrin (baby older than 6 months) in case the pain is significant, and the flight is long. Most commonly once the plane reaches a steady altitude the ear pressure stabilizes and the pain resolves.

Depending on the length of the flight I always recommend having snacks available and books or small board games/coloring books or a favorite toy to keep the children busy. It is also good to have a neck pillow and maybe a small blanket and layer your child in clothes. It Is always easy to remove layers but a cold, hungry child can make the plane ride very uncomfortable. For babies, I would recommend having your own diapers/wipes/trash bags and any barrier creams along with the milk that your baby may need. I would never try anything new (like food or creams) during a trip as the last thing a parent wants is a reaction.

Is Traveling can be stressful with children?

What should be in my medicine bag?

I have always carried a small medication bag with me which contains pain medications (Tylenol and Motrin), antiallergy medication (Benadryl), normal saline nasal spray, and a nose Freida suction device for the little children, Aveeno moisturizer, calamine lotion for any insect bites and aloe vera cream. Also, remember to take any asthma medications (inhalers) and any other prescribed medications for any trips.

What medications should you have in your travel kit?

Is it ok to medicate your child with Benadryl before a flight?

Parents are worried that their child may become more active and agitated during the trip and Benadryl may help them fall asleep. I do not recommend medicating before a trip as Benadryl has sometimes been found to have the opposite effect and make children more hyperactive. It is better to keep your child comfortable and entertained during a long trip.

Is Medicate your child with Benadryl before a flight?

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