My Healthy but Picky Eater Child

my healthy but picky eater child - caring for kids
Published Date: 06.07.2024

My healthy but picky eater child!


How do I get my child to eat a variety of foods?

Often parents worry about the foods their children are eating. Remember we need to model healthy eating behaviors. I recommend encouraging family meals where everyone sits at the table to eat together. Create a healthy plate of food with a portion of protein, carbs (vegetable and fruit), and healthy fat. It is important to get into the habit of having a single healthy serving of food and drinking water with meals. Snacks should be limited to twice a day, and they should be healthy – cut some vegetable sticks like celery and keep some fruit available. Remember we all have food preferences even as adults, but it can take sometimes up to 8-10 reintroductions of foods for a child to decide whether they like the food or not. Sometimes it’s the texture of the food and changing the way it is cooked can change the texture and your child may then try it and start to like it. A child who snacks throughout the day will be less likely to eat proper meals so limit those snacks.

Is it ok to give my child a calorie booster like PEDIASURE?

The yearly well check is the visit where your pediatrician will evaluate your child’s weight, height, and BMI. It is on these visits that your pediatrician will bring up any concerns they may have with regard to the growth of your child. A child who is growing appropriately on the growth chart is probably eating appropriate amounts of food. A good healthy balanced diet with normal growth is what we all want our children to have. If a child is not gaining weight but has been eating well then sometimes your pediatrician may recommend a calorie booster at the end of the day instead of a serving of dairy. Remember these boosters should not be given to children unless recommended by your doctor. Calorie boosters are usually very heavy and may kill your appetite for quite a few hours which can result in less food intake than normal, so we recommend taking it at the end of the day before bedtime.

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